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"Hell-sinki VS Heaven-sinki"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Now I can keep on updating my blog after a weird-too-long parenthesis in Madrid. Im back to isolation in this little Spanish village so its time to get back to what really matters: Work, concentrate, produce, draw, think, plan and look up, forward I would say.

Last Wednesday  I Surviving Pangea´s first book about Helsinki came out and Im really thrilled and psyched about the answer and feedback. Copies are almost sold out in less than 4 days and I cant be happier. THANK YOU!!.
It has been an insane traffic of orders, mails and questions but that what is all about. Now Im working on the next one: VILVIESTRE DE LOS NABOS.
The contrast is going to be good since this destination was totally unexpected and turned up to be something really cool and different. Wildlife and nature has helped me a lot to believe again in what I do.

Anyway, there are some copies left at Watdafac´s online store just in case you dont have yours and would like to order one.

OH! talking about Helsinki, I did this poster for the upcoming comics festival in August. I attended this festival 2 years ago and Im very excited about the idea of coming back because, in my opinion, its one of the best I have ever been to. Also, people at Sarjakuvakesku ( Comic Center), besides being such great guys, they have treated my like a king while I was living in Finland. I had an exhibition, spent time drawing there and also worked on my stuff for free. I felt like home.

I have a lot of stuff to do like start the fireplace, get some groceries and organize my time/work here before leaving to my next destination which will be probably be San Francisco (If events work the way I want them to)… Whatever, the future is uncertain, meanwhile here are some random sketches and images you might like: