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"Madrid : circle of DOOM"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Im NOT gonna apologize for not posting as usual. I dont care, this is my blog and I do it whenever I want. Lets, see, a lot of stuff has happened since my birthday:

All of a sudden there is/are a lot of people interested in Surviving Pangea (which makes me very happy) and that has given me the strength and energy that I needed to feed it like it deserves and take care of the project like the fragile baby it is.

( I also want to thank everyone that is emailing me offering their houses and a place to stay. Seriously, I REALLY appreciate your hospitality and support. THANK YOU! its very important to me!. Im thrilled!)

My next move is not confirmed yet since I have to (and want to) be in a million places at the same time. I was going to travel to Melbourne but now there is something VERY cool that might happen in Sicily, also in Stockholm, so Australia will probably have to wait a little bit. It depends on the guys from Black Canyon, dates, artists, tickets…etc. I have 2 shows in spring (San Francisco & Los Angeles) that are waiting for confirmation because everything is so confusing and floating around right now that I cant concentrate. I can close anything until I see what happens, I cant focus.

Oh! I might get a sponsor for my traveling and SP which is INSANE. Cant give names yet, sorry. But this is the best thing that could happen to me to achive this goal.

Im more than ready to pack and leave Madrid as soon as I can so I will be able to share my happiness with everyone. I need to meet new people, that is always wonderful. For good or bad, I need it.
I promise I will arrive singing and dancing like El Foli to my next destination. No matter where it is. It has to be pretty soon or I will expire and die in here. I feel trapped in a circle of doom in my own hometown and that is very very sad.

would it be stockholm?…
…or would it be Sicily?

The first Pangea Book about HELSINKI is ready and will come out in March, 2015. You can PRE-ORDER it through Watdafac Gallery´s online store which reminds me that I also added new stuff on mine! (here). Have a look and support if you feel like it!. I would appreciate if for ever and ever because any kind of help is always needed.
The book is a very limited edition with more than 150 pages in A5 format ( C1 ) that includes sketches, doodles, notes, pictures, anecdotes and some extra stuff about my intense month in Finland. Its signed, stamped and hand numbered. Released by Watdafac Artifacts (as usual).
I hope this is the first one of MANY to come. Im sure it will, my darling.

pre-order here before is too late!

What else?… O yeah! wait, let me copy and paste something, give me a sec… OK, this text has been taken from my facebook page. I dont want to write about it again son here it is (I added some important stuff):

Hey Madridians and lovely visitors! (that is why Im writing this in english)
I will be part of this curious festival in the city called CARA B this weekend (Feb, 7). There is a lot of stuff happening, shows, exhibitions and so.
It features (with a bunch of other artists) the poster I did for Tokyo Sex Destruction & Parrots a few months ago while in Helsinki during christmas.
Im not sure if I like my poster or not ( I hate it more than I like it at this point because I wish I had a better one to show. It doesnt really fit my style. I dont know why I did that anyway. I guess I was just experimenting, ugh).
I dunno who did the one for FUTURO TERROR but, to be honest, its absolutely the BEST one in there. Actually, the only one that I like because the rest are BORING or just ugly (including mine). Friends are going to kill me for saying this but its true! ( I might also find some new enemies). but…

Things happen, man up! get a grip!.”

Now I know who did that poster because Its on the website and when I looked I didnt notice. It was done by Néstor Sevillano. Its simple, beautiful, its alive… I LOVE IT! thumbs up! Olé!