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"Helluvah nice future"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

supermarket VS backyard garden

one juice tools

Something has possessed me in this little village. Ideas fly out of my butt like an angry geyser. It might haven been the fresh air, rural life, wolves, foxes, trees or magic pixies, I dunno, but this feels good. VERY good!.

If you are in Perth (Australia), or you are planning to go this week, you are a lucky human being because there is a great exhibition going on which you CANT miss. Kingbrown Magazine andBlack Canyon are curating a group show exhibition featuring a bunch of artists from all around the world. Im one of them and Im pretty excited about it. Just saying…

wolf by Stevie Gee

I will be traveling to Scandinavia soon because Watdafac Gallery is having a table at 3 different comic festivals: Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. We will have new books debuting and stuff so feel free to pass by, say “HI” and purchase any of our goodies. For example, Surviving Pangea´s first book about Helsinki will be available in mid March but just in case you are not going and want your copy, you can pre-order it and we will happily hold it for you ( and your name will be listed in the book if you do so).

STOCKHOLM – May 9 & 10, 2015.
OSLO – June 11 – 13, 2015.
HELSINKI – August 28 – 30, 2015

more info about the book and pre-order HERE!