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"Juvenalia 2015"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

I made this comic page and left it empty. It actually has some text but I did this for a reason:
First of all because It could be a fun game and also because I would like people to use it to create their own version and email it back to me. I kept mine for me because I dont want anyone to be conditioned by the story or theme.
More pages can be added, color, drawings, text, stuff can be erased or modified, it can be re-done, scratched, re-organized, etc. Total freedom to do what you wish.
This could be kind of an “open call” so please share it with friends or post it on you blog, facebook, website, etc. Kids are MORE than welcome too!.

Every page sent would be posted on Watdafac Gallery´s tumblr and website and, if I get enough and it ends up being something interesting, maybe published on a little book.
Your call!. Thank you!

Email here.

Im also doing a poster for Helsinki´s comic festival this year becuase Sarjakuvakesku rules the world. Im really happy to be back in Finland for this festival. In my opinion it has been one of the best ones I have ever attended for several reasons: programe, guests, organization, people, shows, activities, the city, people I met, friends I made and the fun I had.
People think Im obsessed with Finland. Well, it could actually be true. I LOVE IT so deal with it!.

work is calling.
See you tomorrow.