mdonada | EPISODE XLV
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"Slim Jeggins"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Yay! finally we made it through the three Scandinavian aces. Watdafac Gallery will be attending Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki comic festivals. NOW ITS OFFICIAL!.
We are very happy and psyched about it not only because its has been long since we had a table with our stuff and enjoyed such great events, mostly because this has made us produce more items for the occasion. Besides new books, we are printing some cool merch too. Cant wait!.
I made this poster above for Oslos´s festival. I also made one for Helsinki. Now I feel I have to do Stockholm´s! The circle must be closed!

It seems that the exhibition at Beach London will be around late May early June. We have to deal with the details and stuff like that but I think this is going to happen for real. Its great Im going to finally meet all the guys there. I met Charlie, though, but there is more people behind it.
Everytime I visit London their store is a must. No matter what, I must stop by.I like it very much. Will give more information as soon as I have it…

Time to work. Breakfast gone. Energy back. Go!