mdonada | EPISODE XLVI
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"Kaboom! Tadá! Voilá! Touché!"
Location: Vilivestre de los Nabos

Hey! Hello, everyone!

My website has been down for a couple of weeks while working on a totally new one. I hope this one is easier for everyone and represents everything I do in a better way. I wanted to change it because the old one was sometimes confusing and I was kind of tired of it too.

First of all I want to thank my brother, master and guru Maurix for his eternal help on this but also for his infinite patience. I get intense sometimes, sorry. He is the best!.

Some stuff from the old one is missing but will be added to the new one soon (such as posts from my blog). I have to fix some things first before exporting all of information but that won’t take too long, promise.

Anyway, all the episodes from VILVIESTRE DE LOS NABOS are here which is the important thing since it is the new chapter in Surviving Pangea´s peregrination. Speaking of which, new book will be out mid May… Yay!

I don’t have much more time to welcome you to my new house because I have lots of work to do and there is no space for laziness in here. A few exhibitions coming up in the next couple of months, regular work and some other exciting personal projects Im involved in. So…

In the mean time, while I finish my new website and catch up with some work, please feel free to navigate and enjoy.

Thank you for your patience,