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"Musta Pökäle! - new beginning!"
Location: Helsinki

Hi! Im still alive.

The truth is that I dont even know where to start. Didnt want to post anything until I was quite sure of what was happening with all this mess of plans, projects and other craziness. Actually, Im still confused because everything is new now, but new in a very VERY good way.

SURVIVING PANGEA is still happening but rules have changed a little bit due to LOVELY unexpected events. So many things have happened in a short time period that its hard to put them together in just one post. Its not that I feel lazy about it (im super excited but this enthusiasm is very hard to handle) it is jut that I have this feeling that everything is turning into something very personal and special so why even try and talk about it? There is no point, it doesnt make sense, its no one business anyway.

Im going to focus in what really matters:

Its official. I moved to Helsinki  (or Im moving, or will move soon or maybe have been living here forever without knowing it. Anyway, IM HERE and it feels right).

I just ended up in Finland and its where I want to be and where I NEED to be. All This means that SP will suffer some changes from now on. In time and destinations. Things need to be re-scheduled but what I know for sure is that I WILL KEEP ON DRAWING LIKE A MANIAC and that books will be also published when ready. No doubt about that, Surviving Pangea never dies.

Right now I cant leave Helsinki for a while since Im putting my hands in a ver EXCITING new project that will probably change this awesome city for ever. Maybe not, but that is not the attitude.

Had an exhibition here what went pretty well and also have other plans for the near future. Such as exhibitions in Madrid, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. YAY! Now that I write this I want to run to a nice table and draw non-stop! I have tons of new ideas that I need to puke out before they vanish. Probably listening to Sun Worship (honored to be “band of the day”).

There are also some trips included in here. I will be attending Oslo´s comic festival next weekend (will have a table there with all my books and other goodies) which means I will meet some friends and awesome people too. I miss hanging out with comic geeks like me. I cant wait!



OH! The new book is out and I think it looks fantastic. This second issue is important to me. After reading it when it arrived I felt a little bit embarrassed about it but and kind of happy at the same time. Im different now.
When I go through the pain in its pages it feels good in some ways but I also feel sorry for myself for being so lame and pathetic sometimes. Healing process is over though. Im done. Whats else is there for me? Im ready.

… but this is the point about this nomadic project. Go through different states of mind or mood around the planet and put it into different books. By the end of this madness Im sure I will be shocked about how different I was from the first book to when I accomplish this mission. Whatever…


Ok, so… some pictures here because I have to go and do other things more important than wasting my time in front of my laptop. This is the second time  in 22 days that I have spent time sitting in front of a real computer, I mean, dealing with my own things (“serious” or not) instead of wandering around and charging my vital energy living with the living and enjoying life with friends and work.

Bona tarda.