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"I wouldnt be here without you"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Yesterday, I spent the whole day watching classic cartoons while drawing and feeding other personal projects. Every time I do so I realize how much I LOVE and enjoy watching them. First WB cartoons ( Looney Tunes) are simply beautiful and genius, specially the ones during the 30s and 40s ( I would skip and erase all the nationalism and patriotism touch in all of them, though). Not only the animation is brilliant, also the stories, characters, ideas, humor, scripts, crazy parts, the music, sound effects, etc… I reached a point where I had to turn it off because I was staring at the screen for too long and I couldnt concentrate. I want to try Tex Avery´s today, one of my all time favorites.

The Ducktators really caught my attention. Message at the end is… well, watch and see. But Beans is the best! I specially love him. This little man is awesome and the video below is pure magic (Bosko is awesome too). Leon Schlesinger produced pretty good cartoons. They said he was a good man, I dont care, watch.

WOW! WOW! Now that Im watching this again I NEED to finish my coffee fast and run to my table. Man, this is pure inspiration, this is my life, I wouldn’t be here without it. Argh! this is beautiful. Love it! Im happy Im alive!. Hallelujah!.