mdonada | EPISODE XLII
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“Asterix & The hidden Leprechaun”
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Dude, its like a mean leprechaun has been holding back all the snow during the winter and now he just let it all go over our heads. He must be laughing hard. Its insane. I woke up this morning and everything was extremely white. It has been snowing all night long and I cant even open the door to go outside now. The dog is missing. She might have built a den for the night or found a safe place to sleep. I hope.
I have been seeing pictures of NYC throughout the winter and thought “OH! this year has been tough!” because of all the snow and cold. Friends sending me pictures of the extreme weather, complaining and all that. Helsinki was cold too but nothing like this. This part of Spain is well known for its complicated weather so here you have it, right in your face.
I better start the fireplace asap and look for the dog. Just to make sure she is fine…



Wait!, as I warned you all yesterday, the book I released last week was running out fast so today I can make it official:




Im aware that a lot of people didn’t get their copy and that most of my friends didn’t either. That is why I hate holding books whenever I release them. Im sorry!.
Im planning on doing a second edition so I will have more copies soon. I want a lot of people I know to have it so… the thing is that Im just asking myself if that would be worth it, I dunno. It all dependes on the orders and emails I get in the next few days.
Second edition will be corrected, fixed and all since this book has some stuff Im not happy with. For example, the cover was printed in the wrong direction and also some texts need to be corrected.. But its fine, the book inside is ok.
Im working on the new one so thats another thing. Anyway, if you really really really want it I have a few copies I always keep for myself. Maybe I can do something for you…


Everyone that ordered a copy shouldn’t be worried. The books are on their way!

I was watching a Spanish TV show last night about Poltergeists and I was totally scared out of my mind. Alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, snowing, cold, abandoned, crying, confused, rejected by society, shivering, weak… I was chatting with someone while watching it to ease the pain and fear in my body. She recommended me to watch something funny, like cartoons or a comedy movie so I would feel better. She told me she was watching “Asterix & Cleopatra”, the animated movie. WOW! i used to LOVE that film when I was younger and watching it again just made me travel like a wild horse back in time. I remembered the music, the scenes, the dialogues… its was wonderful! Totally cool!.
The thing is that I fell sleep in 20 secs. Whoops!

Before I go to the kitchen and make some breakfast, here are some random images. As usual: