mdonada | EPISODE XLI
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Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Being back in business feels wonderful. Drowning in a sea of ink and pens could sound horrible but its soft and beautiful. For me its the best way to find myself and deal with stuff. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but, anyway, the atmosphere is magic and I really need it.
I havent much to say, tho. I have been sketching most of the time these 2 days, thinking about new projects, fixing orders, answering long time emails, getting through the day away from bad thoughts, keep my mind focused, etc. Its Sunday today so I guess I wont be doing anything further than that which is fine.

I have a few last copies of my new book. If you want TO ORDER do it now, because it would be probably be gone by today. Just saying…

I did this cover for my friend Grosman. He used to be the genius behind Grabba Grabba Tape, (where I played drums and sang. Actually he did almost everything) and now he just plays music with his solo project called Grosgoroth. To me, he is something beyond music. His skills are not from this planet so Im so happy I am doing the artwork for his upcoming record.
The new songs are amazing, they sound awesome!. His lyrics are perfect, not only this song, I mean, ALL of them. They are even better if you know him personally. The way he talks and says things but mostly because of the way he understands life and human beings.

Well…I have to be honest. Im not in the mood of writing so I just better quit. I want to have  coffee, sit by the table and draw, draw, draw… I have a weird feeling today, I woke up kind of sad and grey, missing people and other places.
Tomorrow will be ok, im sure about that. In the meantime, as usual, some random doodles from the next Surviving Pangea book.
See you!