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"Je ne suis Yosemite"
Location: Madrid

My computer does not work due to the magic and wonderful malfunctioning of YOSEMITE. I updated my laptop and now it does not work. I mean, it does not work AT ALL. It starts and just stays in a black screen forever. Im in serious trouble if I dont fix this because it means I WONT be able to travel or move around if I dont have tools to keep on working. I CANT go anywhere without my computer because I cant do my job properly.
What a lovely 2015. It didnt start as bad as 2014 but Im starting to kind of hate it a bit and totally loathe it. Please, dont ruin my life again.

(This text was written yesterday before my brother Maux helped me with this mess. Now I have a brand new computer that works as fast as a weasel on fire. THANK YOU!)

Ugly day in Madrid. Yiacs!
Whatever, there are great things happening anyway so everyone calm down and lets enjoy what its worth it. So, the poster I did for Tokyo Sex Destruction has been selected to be part of CARA B festival on February 7th where, beside shows and stuff, there is an exhibition about independent and underground music in Madrid.

Also, Im working on a secret project but if I say a word about it I know someone will kill me. Im pretty excited because I have never done something like that before so this is a new challenge. I guess that this will be done and working by march or something. I dunno really.
This year is all about exhibitions: London, Melbourne, San Francisco, LA… (and more to come!). So I will be traveling around AGAIN. I feel like a super model but with a deformed body and ugly face. I love moving, everyone knows that.

Gorka (aka Chi) and I are going to record our first radio show tomorrow that will be launched on friday at mid day. Its about silly stuff, comics, books, anecdotes, good music, interviews, house shows and serious comments about whatever. We dont have a name yet so we are kind of nervous about it because its tomorrow. Any suggestions?. Last minute things are the best, anyway…
This two songs have been the soundtrack at home (The Extraordinary Atalaya Club) for the past days but this doesnt mean we are playing them tomorrow or that we are following any kind of style. We like a lot of different music and probably not your band

sofas & couches can be called “home”