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"Back to concrete"
Location: Vilviestre de los Nabos

Its always hard to leave Mother Nature behind. Everytime I have to travel to Madrid I feel weird. Its like I never want to leave this place, it feels like I need to stay and do lots of things because Im very confortable in this lovely green bubble,. There is always time to draw more and more and more. And then a little bit more.
But there is no scape, Im afraid, I have to be back in the city this weekend to deal with some legal stuff and get things together so I can move on to my next location and take another step forward  to achieve all the plans I have for the future.
The good thing about ii is that there are a bunch of things going on. My friends from Extinción de los Insectos (Ex- too many AWESOME bands to be listed) are playing. There are also book launch parties and more shows. My brother “cari” friend (Hugo) Sierra is playing with Los Punsetes too. Plus I want to see friends and maybe other people too. That is nice!. YES!

Its double-weird because, even though Im from Madrid and I could call it my “home” in some ways, every time Im there I feel like a total stranger. Jumping from one one house to another, from one couch to another. Asking people to let me sleep at their place and shit. All that stuff that reminds me that my time in Madrid is more than OVER.

inking done. final touch and color now.

inking for Burton Snowboards

I got an email from a friend yesterday about a REALLY exciting project. Its something I have been waiting for since I closed the gallery in Spain and I cant wait to make it happen because its way better than I had in mind.
She contacted my just in the perfect moment, just when I read Susan Miller´s horoscope and thought “this is just another of her dirty lies”. But I was wrong, totally wrong. And for the first time in months she has hit it like a motherfucker. I love it when she lets the real witch inside of her bloom out with no control. She used to be like that long time ago but I think that she lost her magic touch or that she is now looking at the wrong sky.

Anyway, I have to go.
I have a bus leaving to the jungle in a few hours.
Madridians, see you soon.